At TriggerPoint, we believe that movement is the conduit to helping people live better lives. Therefore, we create premium, expertly developed mobility and recovery products, such as foam rollers and hand-held massage tools, that empower and inspire people to move more and move better. We want everyone to unlock their full potential by enabling them to move more freely and more comfortably. 

TriggerPoint believes that building superior products means building ethical and sustainable products.  This means getting smarter and more resourceful in how we ideate, design, produce and bring products to our customers. We have demonstrated that strategies to design products that are both Fit for the Planet and are inclusive to more people are both commercially advantageous and can be more sustainable for people and planet, and we believe we can create a resilient and vibrant business that truly offers competitive, sustainable value to our consumer and for our business. We have significantly advanced our climate strategy, materials management, and human rights due diligence through establishing new best practices and processes, enabling and hiring key staff, and building the institutional muscle to support these programs and goals. For more on these strategies across TriggerPoint, please see Implus.com/Impact page for more information about Implus corporate climate goals and people engagement including Diversity, Education, & Inclusion (DEI). . 


Our dedicated innovation and sourcing teams are driving our company to think differently and lead product differentiation in our quest to double our company while simultaneously reducing our impact on the environment. We are also looking at sourcing decisions that lead us to materials that are more ethical and socially conscious in both how and where they were produced and how they impact the consumer community. 

TriggerPoint is continually looking at opportunities to improve our product, including sourcing more sustainable materials. In the case of our Eco line of products, we are using up to 35% of bio-based materials (bio-fiber is a mix of several materials that can include bamboo, wood, rice husk and wheat straw). Similarly, our recycled content is now up to 30% for our recycled rollers which drastically reduces the virgin material we need to use for these products while maintaining the quality you expect.

This is just the first of many activities we are implementing across our products and brands to provide the quality of products you deserve, made with the care and concern for the planet we share.  


In the last year, we have focused our initial efforts to reduce packaging waste on specific groups of products which we estimate will prevent 360 tons of plastic, paper, and other packaging waste. These early successes are very encouraging and have energized the team.

In 2023, we initiated the redesign of TriggerPoint packaging with a primary focus on reducing materials across the brand. Based on our successful efforts centered on waste reduction and shipping efficiency, we project that this will result in the removal of 43.5 tons of non-recyclable packaging and a substantial reduction in single-use plastic by end of 2023.

We are now re-negotiating contracts with our suppliers to drive for more recyclable materials, to remove non-recyclable raw materials and to third party verify the recyclability of our products. As a member of How2Recycle, we have begun to remove elements of our products and packs that would otherwise inhibit recycling of the packaging such as laminate coating and working to create consensus on how to remove non-recyclable RFID tags needed for certain retail logistics.

We will be taking on a number of key Triggeroint product packaging so please stay tuned to see these improvements.


Designing more inclusive products, marketing, and customer experiences is essential to our success in offering the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible. We want to continue putting the work in to make sure our company, brands, and products are equitable for all. This includes using images and language that reflect our culture of inclusion for our employees, community, and consumers. For more on these strategies across our partner brands, please see Implus.com/Impact page for more information about Implus DEI goals and activities.


Innovation is key to our Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitment. Whether designing a new product for the first time to use less material or rethinking an existing product to make it more repairable, our product developers are focused on exceeding consumer expectations and delivering our ESG goals.

TriggerPoint continues to look at opportunities for our products to meet customer performance needs as well as ensuring the value of the product is maintained across users and owners. We see some brands offering resold products and while we are not at that stage yet, we are selling clearance items directly to provide that “full life” to the product. We continue to iterate to find the balance between hitting new innovative targets, finding the right price point for our customers, and achieving ESG goals. Through this collaborative process, we are pushing our own boundaries, building new skills across our teams and supply chain partners, and taking steps each day towards meeting our sustainability goals.